5 Latest Books I’ve Been Loving


Hello Loves!

I have always been a huge book worm but lately, it has become my favorite time passer. Lately I have been on a roll with good reads that have all shifted my perspective, even the slightest bit, and have given me life! If you love good reads (mostly personal development) then keep on reading, I’ve got some suggestions for you!

Real Magic by Dr. Wayne Dyer: I just finished reading this one last night and I want the whole world to read it. Dr. Wayne Dyer is someone who will continue to touch and change people’s lives long after he is gone. He has a way of connecting concepts and perceptions in such a beautiful and simple way. If you are on any type of spiritual journey then I highly suggest picking this one up.

On Fire by John O’Leary: If you are looking for a motivational book that makes you realize you can do so much more in life, go to the book store ASAP and read this one. I read it in 4 hours. It was such a moving real life story that had so many life lessons to take away from it. We read this one for the book club we have going on at Lululemon and I found that this one was easier for almost everyone to relate to. It is such an incredible story of strength, adversity and making the most out of what you have.

The Universe has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein: I have a soft spot for this book. I read it last month and the things I took away from it actually dramatically shifted my inner well-being. It opened up this whole other way of tackling my anxiety. It opened my eyes to how breath work and meditation can change your world and I began a daily meditation practice after reading this. This was the first book club book that we read and there were mixed reviews from everyone else. My suggestion is to read with an open mind; then you will love it!

The Power of Now by Eckert Tolle: I picked up this book today and started reading it so I cannot give a full review but even from the first few pages I believe it is going to be exactly what I need at this place that I am in life. I got the suggestion from a yoga teacher when she read some excerpts as we held a few different poses and it seems so insightful. Again, another great book for any spiritual journey.

Something more: Excavating Your Authentic Self by Sarah Ban Breathnach: I finished this book last month and it was very helpful for letting go of things that I needed to let go of and accepting myself as I am. Accepting who you are and what you have to offer is the first step to living an inspired life, dig up who you are with this book. I was in a place of “figuring out” what was next for me and it was the great read for understanding your own authenticity and how to bring that forth.


On my to read list:

The Journey Home

The Happiness Advantage

The One Thing

Be Love Now

In an Unspoken Voice

Daring Greatly

The Peaceful Warrior

The Alchemist

What are your favorite books lately? Have you read any from this list? I would love to hear suggestions!




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