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I’ve had such a great/relaxing birthday week (yes, I’m THAT girl). On Saturday we went to see the Lumineers here in St. Louis and I can honestly say they are amazing in concert. Teddy and I had so much fun on our little date and snap chatted way too much. Other than working this week I was able to get lunch with some girl friends, do some shopping and get a few margarita’s to celebrate 25. I love my birthday but I also love being low-key and relaxing. This week was a perfect combo of the two!

I stopped in at a little boutique called Pitaya on the loop here in St. Louis and picked up this outfit. I could have gotten so much stuff in there, they impressed me with how many cute options they had! I think I will be a frequent flyer there. They have a lot of cute stuff that is still budget friendly so I would most definitely check them out if you are looking for something that isn’t going to break your bank account in half. I linked everything down below for you all!

As for today, I just got back from yoga and am going to have a chill day off at home with Teddy. We both started feeling slightly sick yesterday and I am convincing myself that I am not sick so that I don’t get whatever is going around (hopefully). Maybe I will go get a pedicure because that sounds like the perfect way to relax today. What are you doing with your Saturday?

Enjoy your weekend my loves,




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