black ripped jeans

If you’re following me on snapchat (ashleyrainne) then you would know that I got a few new things from Urban Outfitters in the mail yesterday! About a month ago I saw this little bandana scarf at Urban but didn’t jump on it right away. I was browsing the site a few weeks ago and just thought it was too cheap to pass up! I love the way that it compliments this simple all-black outfit so much, I am really digging it. I also decided to pick up these black slip-ons since they were on sale! I am so excited about these because they are so easy and can be a staple with any outfit. Oh, and they are comfy so win-win.

Teddy and I walked around today after he got out of work and decided to go explore this amazing basilica in St. Louis, which I showed a bit of on my snapchat. Although we didn’t know that the garden was a ‘private garden’ and got told sternly that no pictures were allowed, whoops! We got a few cute shots of the outfit before that though so not all is lost ;). We have so much fun running around trying to figure this all out and it has been an adventure for us so we just laughed it off and continued on with our day.

Then we tried out another coffee shop which was pretty nice. Oh and guess what?! It started to feel like fall today! It was a nice cool/warm temp which is so amazing to feel since coming from Texas. I promised my bestie to send her a box of fall leaves in the mail to Texas so can’t wait to go to UPS with that package ;). Anyway, I hope everyones day was happy and you found a way to get through it with no absence of smiles and laughs.

P.S. Full outfit details below! So affordable, check it out.

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