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About 1.5 years ago I started this blog and have taken it slow and steady so far.

I am excited to share the little tools I love and also answer some questions that were DM’ed to me on IG.


The most frequent question I have been asked as of late is:

What app have I been using to create the Instagram stories that slides text in and out?

The app is called Hype Type and it is so fun for making interesting IG stories!

How did you get into blogging?

I have dabbled with blogging back in my college days when I was obsessed with fitness but did not come back to it in a serious way until I started My husband and I were planning to move from San Marcos, TX to St. Louis, MO in order for him to start his PhD and I knew that I would want something to do in that transition. I was really needing a creative outlet in my life and had so much fun learning all the beginning ins and outs that this time, I saw more opportunity with blogging than I had in the past.

I’m worried that if I were to start a blog, it would be pressure for me to shop more for new, fresh outfits.. has that been an issue for you?

This is a good question. I definitely shop a lot more than I did before I had a blog. However, I have always enjoyed putting together creative outfits so I don’t feel pressure in any regard. I don’t feel like I have to do any shopping just for my blog but I do because I have fun with it. I also have gotten very good at finding good deals and good online sale sections! Lately, + are high on the list. Most importantly, when I feel like I’m forcing myself to shop I take a step back and write about things that are on my heart other than style. I always want to stay true to myself and my life so I would switch things up if I felt any pressure!

How much time does it take you to put effort into your blog/instagram per day/week?

This varies for sure but it will usually take my and Teddy 30 minutes to shoot a look and then another 30 for me to edit +upload. Depending on the about of content I post, the time increases but I would say no more than an hour a day? It used to take me much longer. This was due to a lot of work up front building my site, making my theme work the way I wanted it to, figuring out how to edit pictures (i’ll get into how I made that faster) and finding time for us to take pictures. It also has gotten faster to take the pictures because I know more of how to pose the way I want and Teddy knows the style I am looking for. When I first started the blog I was spending much more time on the tedious things that I have now gotten a better grasp on.

What do you host your site on?

Bluehost is my hosting service and WordPress is what I use for the site.

Give it time. Allow your blog to evolve with you. Find a style for editing and stick to it. Consistency. Be authentic/real.

Favorite apps for Instagram:

Snug : allows you to plan your content in advance and see how things will look together.

VSCO : really great for editing.

Hype Type : the app I have been using in my IG stories to have the words slide in + out.

Iconosquare : Insight into your audience and the best times to post.

Google Drive App: Helps to download all of my edited pictures to my google drive so that I can pull them up on my phone to add to IG instead of sending them one by one.

Favorite tools for blogging:

Lightroom : it will 100% make the editing process of pictures more streamlined and way faster.

Presets : Right now I have been loving Tezza Presets (follow her on IG @Tezzamb)

Podcasts : Jenna Kutchers “Goal Digger” Podcast is wonderful for strategy and information.

Shopstyle : what I use to link all of my outfits and affiliate links. Also how I monetize my site.

Google Analytics : I use this to measure all of my stats for my site and understand who my audience is.

Skillshare : The youtube for creatives, any information you want to learn, find it on SkillShare.

Mailchimp + Leadpages : for growing an email list.

More questions? Let’s do a part two. Ask more questions below.



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