book club


The late nights, the early mornings and the sun-bathing afternoons that you find yourself getting lost in a good book- isn’t that feeling the best? For me, my favorite books to dive into are personal development books, especially the ones that are soul-centered.

When asked recently why I enjoy reading so much, I answered, ” I love reading an entire book knowing that I will likely only hold one sentence that can dramatically shift my perspective about myself, about humanity or about the world. I enjoy reading something and thinking about how someone could benefit from reading the same thing- and telling them about it. It gives me a connection point with others and I love being able to see how the same text can influence people in different ways. I think that is what is so beautiful about human beings. We all have our own viewpoint, our own world, our own story to apply things to.”

In the heart of deepening my already present love for connection with like-minded individuals and to discuss readings with others, I will be hosting a monthly book club on the blog. Through work there is a group of people who get together once a month for a book club and I always love the conversation that comes from it.

How will it work?

-We will read one book a month.

-There will be one large discussion at the end of the month.

-I will be planning out the books for the next few months and will post the list once that is all thought out. If you have any suggestions, email me at

-You will be provided with journal questions to get the conversation started during the discussion portion.

-We will be discussing the book in the comments of a post I will put up on the day that is determined for getting everyone in one place.

-If you would like to join in email me at and I will add you to the bi-weekly newsletter that will provide you with the questions & check-ins!

-All of this will be kicking off in June, so stay-tuned for further information and clarity on the details! I am so excited to do this with others.

-We will be kicking off in June with the book, “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein.