Random Thoughts + Beautiful Souls

How beautiful are we all? Breathe into that for a while. We are all so incredible. The way we laugh, the way we smile, the way we love, the way we feel joy. It’s all beautiful. And sometimes we forget that. Which causes emotion, pain, hurt. Open your heart up to inner kindness and allow space to connect. I have been working on this more than anything else in my world right now. And it is glorious. Forgiving, letting go, surrendering. Ahhhh. Daily meditation + practice connects me to my breath. I am stepping into my most authentic self. It feels good to not need any outward validation, because I know everything I need is within me. Through spirituality. Have you felt connected lately? Not to others but more to your authentic self? To your inner source of light and goodness? Try it. Try meditating once a day. Try being more aware. Try bringing some space to your mind. I’ve been in those really tough + dark places. I’ve been gripped with anxiety. I started to lean in to this practice and have seen such a shift in my life. Being mindful is a practice, and this is only the…
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