Colorado Day Three



On the last full day we spent in Colorado, we woke up to rain. We had planned to use the rain as an excuse to stay inside and just relax from the whole week spent outside but we just couldn’t resist going for another hike. We looked up the weather for Colorado Springs and decided that a drive was worth it to see a new city. We set out to go on a long hike with some waterfalls along the way- or so we thought. We ended up not making it to that trail head. After driving on the scariest switchback dirt road on the side of the mountain for an hour, we decided our little car would just not make it all the way. I have never been so afraid driving before, and I am usually pretty brave over these things! So instead we found a nice place that had a lookout area and hiked just 2 miles to this spot that we took some pictures at. It was a beautiful compromise so we didn’t mind.

We had such a great trip; as you have seen in all my posts. We decided that as soon as Teddy is done with school we are going to move to Colorado. There are plenty of universities for him to work at and the overall vibe is way more our speed. Things move a little bit slower and more connected to nature. We both know that we want to live close to the mountains, where adventure is only a step away. We know that we want to raise our children around nature and plenty of exploring!