Colorado Day Two

We woke up really wanting to tackle this trail that we thought would be even better than the Gulch trail we did the first day- turns out, not so much. We were so thankful to have seen this view and had a place to stop to meditate, sit peacefully and just breathe. However, at some point we took a wrong turn, for 2 hours. We got to a really rocky spot that no longer even had a trail to it and realized that we just had to walk down to the bottom of the mountain and get to the road and find the car.

We were slightly bummed that the trail beat us, but we still had a beautiful day outside to enjoy and Z loved all the sticks she could munch on!

Then we got back to the airbnb (will be doing a separate post with pictures of our beautiful place!) and Teddy made me a homemade margarita! We sat outside and read, tanned and enjoyed the view before dinner.

We decided to stick with the theme and go get some tacos and margaritas at a small place in town. We got dressed and took some pictures before we left. Thank God for self timers and stumps to put cameras on.

I cannot express enough into words how much this man means to me. My whole world, right in front of me. He wakes up early and brings me coffee in bed every morning, practices yoga with me, loves me to the fullest extent of his being, kisses my forehead when I least expect it and is my rock when I need him the most. My greatest aspiration is to hold as tightly to this sweet love as I can.

What is your favorite part about being married/ in love?

Mine is sharing every single part of my life with my best friend. The person I am most excited to tell big or small news to. The person I can always rely on. The person that lights up my world with the simplest smile. Theodore, you are my favorite part of life.


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