family days

10 random thoughts on this fine Wednesday:

1.) Z is so snuggly lately and we love it so much.

2.) I start my new job next week! So excited for some change and a new challenge.

3.) Should we do a fun Halloween costume this year? Comment below some cool ideas.

4.) I am so grateful for my husband. He is the greatest man and I literally could not even imagine a better man to have by my side through life. He is the kindest soul and the most patient human. I love him, a lot.

5.) I finish yoga teacher training next weekend! Officially a yoga teacher!

6.) Life is really, really good right now.

7.) We are going to start budgeting according to Financial Peace University again! We used to do it in Texas and it made saving and spending less stress. It essentially is where you allocate where all of your money goes to (even fun money) so that you know what you will be able to save at the end of each month!

8.) It is finally chilly in STL. Thank you Jesus.

9.) We did a really fun + cute photoshoot with really talented new photographer friends in our apartment and I cannot wait to see how the pictures turned out! I love that we were able to document some of our place!

10.) What is your favorite acoustic/indie playlist on Spotify? I need some new ones!

Happy Wednesday!


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