gratitude series// november 13, 2016

So remember when I wrote about coming to the blog every day and saying what I am grateful for, yeah I remember too; I swear! I have been going to bed earlier than normal and has thrown off my writing time but I promise my heart has been open and feeling an overwhelming amount of gratitude for all that is around me lately, even if I have totally sucked at consistently documenting it here. (apologies).

This week I got the opportunity to interview for a position at Lululemon that I knew was out of my reach right now but wanted to put myself out there anyway. I was so thankful for the feedback that I received so that I could keep being the best version of myself possible and also to have such a great leader as my boss. She set me up with what’s next and I could not be more thrilled with where life is starting to head.

I also had a few drinks at a really awesome place called Blueberry Hill with Teddy and a friend this week, for which I was so happy to connect with someone that understands both of our views of the world and life. On the same note, I also had a coffee date with a friend and am excited to start connecting within the community of entrepreneurs within St. Louis. She started attending a meeting where local successful business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs gathered to speak, connect and share what they are passionate about. I am excited to attend something like this with her and see where inspiration takes me.

Today is my little brother’s birthday so naturally, I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a loving family.  He is so smart, kind and loving. He can drive anything with a motor better than anyone I’ve ever seen, he shares my excitement for adrenaline and he is always down to hit the water with me. Although he can drive me nuts sometimes I think it’s always important to remind yourself why you are lucky to have siblings who are loving and will walk through life supporting you no matter what. I love you Zachary!

This feels a lot like a journal entry today instead of anything concrete that you can apply in your own life but I love that this blog can be whatever I wish it to be. I hope your weeks bring plenty of happiness, love and light.

Be kind to one another.




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