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For the month of November I am starting up a series where I post about what I am grateful for each day. I started this blog in order to have a positive outlet for my creativity and I intend to start pushing myself more and more as I go along with this journey. I have been changing some things that have had a dramatically positive impact on my life and have made me feel filled up, happy and calm. I would love to share them all with you within this magical space with the hopes that you can find more things in your life that make you feel grateful for as well.

A few of the changes I have made that have made me feel more in touch with my true self:

I have committed to sweating once a day, everyday. Honestly this on its own has done so much for my mind, body and spirt. Lately I have done one HIIT workout one day and then the next day switch to a nice recovery yoga class. This has kept my body in a perfect balance and is helping me keep my mind and heart open and clear.

I have read more than I have scrolled aimlessly through social media. We’ve all been there where we spend all the time before bed or waking up or even just our down time in the middle of the day going on our social media and feeling like you’re falling into a vortex. All of a sudden you completely lose track of time and the sooner you set some boundaries on how much aimless time you spend on your phone the sooner you may start to feel a little bit more filled up. I have had those moments where you are watching someone on YouTube or stalking their Instagram and then you look up into your own life and feel a bit sub-par. Well, that isn’t helping anything and we need kick that habit to the curb. Spend your time reading a book that is going to fill you up instead of sitting in a place of comparison. I was recently suggested to read the book “Ask and it is Given; Learning to Manifest Your Desires,” and while you must have an open mind when you start it, it holds some serious magic for those who are willing to receive it. Finding a book that makes me feel like a better version of myself is such a better use of my time than wandering around the internet with no direction or reason other than successfully wasting time.

Plus, I feel like this specific book is going to really, really add value to my life.

I have set aside more time each morning and night to talk with my husband. Now, this might seem like something everyone already does but honestly lately we have been really intentional about connecting with one another at some point in the day. Instead of having the phone in front of our faces as we lay in bed we have been better about talking about our day or what is going on in our lives tomorrow. We also have been on the same page a lot more lately with walking the dog together or spending a date night once a week together and it has made our marriage even stronger. Everyone has to be present and intentional in order to have a successful relationship, no matter how long you’ve been in love.

I have been more grateful for the things that I have in my life. Instead of missing what I do not have in my life currently (cough, all our amazing San Marcos friends, cough) or whether it’s material things or a job, etc. I have been focusing on all the incredible things that I do have in my life and that they are there because I chose them to be. We have the ability to keep in our life the things that fill us up and to walk away from things that are no longer what you want. You have a lot of power over your own life, my friend. Exercise the right to be strong and take control over your life. The only real way to get out of a bad place mentally or to make a change in your life in any capacity is if YOU decide to. You can decide if you need more time to heal, no one else can. You can decide if you are ready to be the best version of yourself, no one else can. When you feel the power over your life come back into your grasp, own it. Just be. Open up your heart and allow love to flow through you. Start each day with a mantra such as, “Today I am choosing to be happy,” or “My heart is open and love flows in and out of it.”

So, for today, I am grateful for this space and where showing thanks every single day will take my mind and spirit. I am grateful for you. Let’s grow together this month. signature-copy2






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