home is wherever i’m with you


Reasons I’m obsessed with you: every single one of these pictures.

The way you love me is beyond words. It is gentle and patient, beautiful and so kind.

I feel so strong when I am around you. You lift me up, you are the biggest support system and the most genuine soul.

You are my favorite person. The person I tell all of my secrets to, the person that has watched me grow through all of the seasons of life.

I am your spontaneous adventurer, that sparks a sense of wonder in you.

Together, we can do anything.

A few comments about our place:

Teddy built our desk himself!

We got our old school lockers from a thrift store in Texas and they are such a pain to move but so so so worth it.

Our blanket ladder Teddy found by our dumpster (LOL)

Our desk chairs are also from a thrift store and were super cheap.

All of our bedding is Urban Outfitters.

Our apartment was this beautiful when we moved in.

The people we rent from are the most creative + talented humans!

 The exposed brick, hardwood floors, trim and pocket door is all original.

We like to keep our decor minimal because the character in this apartment works wonders on its own!

This place made STL home for us and we are so grateful.


We were so excited to take some pictures with the amazingly talented Eichar Photography.

Lauren + Jamie are a dream to work with and we were so happy to finally capture the magic that we feel in our home; both from our love and the beauty of our apartment itself!

These pictures tell so many stories of our love.

Thank you Lauren + Jamie.



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