ice storm




I could not wait to upload these pictures because of the way the ice created a beautiful layer on the trees and what an amazing job Teddy did at capturing it. We woke up and were going to take Z on a walk but instead had to run to get some pictures before it all melted because it was spectacular! (Btw- Z got her walk in, she wasn’t left hanging.)

The night before we were warned not to go out due to the weather so we stayed in, watched movies and made the best vegan tacos I’ve ever tasted. It was all-around not too shabby to have this little storm hit the folks of St. Louis, we made the best out of it.

Last night I got a glass of wine with a beautiful friend and we connected on vulnerability, learning about yourself/the people around you and the visions we have for our lives. I always find it so powerful to connect with someone who gets where you are in life and what you want to make of it. It is hard for me, at times, to get clear on what I want but once I do it’s the most amazing feeling. When you really know what you want then you can work hard to get there. It’s takes a lot of self-discovery, trial and error (and error and error and error) to get to a point that you feel confident about where you are going and that it is true to yourself.

For me, I am learning to stop asking and listening to everyone else’s opinion as much as I have been in the past and start listening more intently to myself, my thoughts and what lights me up inside. With that being said, I am having so much fun blogging and cannot wait to see where this little slice of the internet is at in a year.

What are you ignoring within yourself that could be powerful if you listened?

Happy Sunday my loves <3



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