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Happy Tuesday everyone! I started off this morning in the park doing yoga with my friends and it was incredible (and chilly). Today I am so excited to share this post with you! First, I would like to thank JORD watches for sponsoring this post. I am thrilled about the opportunity to work with them because these watches are so beautiful! They have a wooden wrist band and the face is so chic and clean looking so it is easy to work them into any outfit.  The packaging is beautiful as well and I love that I have a place to keep it from getting damaged (since I am usually terrible with that). Teddy has a bit of a watch fetish but I was lagging behind his watch game, thankfully JORD helped me step it up in that area of my wardrobe. Yesterday we spent the morning in the park (aka every morning lately) and enjoyed the fall air taking pictures and walking our crazy dog. It has been such a nice change to have seasons again after living in Texas for a couple of years. I really loved how this watch blended into my cozy fall outfit seamlessly!

The most exciting news is that JORD is hosting a giveaway for my followers! Make sure you are following along with my Instagram for updates on the giveaway (@ashleyrainne). They are giving away a $75 dollar gift card to one lucky winner and all other entrants will receive a code for $20 off just for entering! You can enter the giveaway by following this link here and entering your email! Honestly, if you are thinking ahead to Christmas (I know it’s early butttt) this would be a great gift to someone who loves style and authentic pieces.

The rest of my outfit is linked below, check it out and let me know what you think! Have a great Tuesday, love you all.

P.S- I’m so happy with the way my bangs turned out, they are not annoying or overwhelming at all!


JORD watch-ashley36

JORD watch-ashley6

JORD Watch-ashley7

JORD Watch-ashley
JORD watch-ashley31

JORD watch-ashley28

JORD watch-ashley14

JORD watch-ashley26

JORD watch-ashley32

JORD watch-ashley3

JORD watch-ashley33

JORD watch-ashley23

JORD watch-ashley4
JORD watch-ashley7
JORD watch-ashley13
JORD watch-ashley10
JORD watch-ashley29

JORD watch-ashley11

JORD watch-ashley18

JORD watch-ashley27
JORD watch-ashley25
JORD watch-ashley22JORD watch-ashley24

JORD watch-ashley19JORD watch-ashley16


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Give away link.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Socks: Roots

Shoes: Forever 21



Wooden Wristwatch


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