just, create.


When I read books I frequently find myself becoming incredibly inspired. I am the type of person that is constantly looking for new ways to learn about the world and make myself and others better. I go over mountaintops and through deep valleys in life just as much as the next girl, but I can feel a transformation occurring; I intend to let my creativity thrive. I frequently hold myself back in this department. I compare, set rules on what I should do, overthink and doubt, but I am making the decision to stop that shit for a while and see what happens. What happens when you put yourself out there, again? What happens when you “just be” your true self?

(Ugh, that phrase used to drive me crazy. How does one “just be” when you feel all over the place?) I say, “used to” for a reason. I am starting to get it, and am starting to open my heart back up to possibility. Open your heart, let yourself become whatever you are meant to become without overthinking the process. I am open to change, possibility and what I have within me.

But also, I know that I have the right to change my course and you do too. We as human beings change so much over the course of our much-too-short lives, and we cannot resist that fact. Every decision you have made or every time you were overwhelmingly inspired, lost, confused or happy has brought you to this very moment and formed you into this very person that you are today. You should not be ashamed of that, nor should you stay where you are for someone else if you are not happy. Open your heart, let love flow in and out.

Lead yourself toward what makes you feel alive. And never stop opening yourself up to be inspired.


And don’t hold back.


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