long kimono love

Hello everyone! I am still totally obsessed with kimonos, I can’t get enough of them. I got these kimonos for my bridesmaids to wear getting ready for my wedding and I got one for myself as well! I love wearing these super long kimonos on days when we are just walking around and relaxing. We literally spent Labor day walking around our favorite neighborhood again looking for places to live! We want to move into a 2 bedroom with some character and good natural light so we are going to take our time finding the perfect fit! So we walked around all day and this outfit was simple and I loved the colors together. My hair is also a shade darker because I finally fixed my color that was getting super washed out! I hope everyone’s Labor day was amazing, ours was very laid back and we really didn’t do much but hey, we were together so that’s what matters!

Happy Tuesday, XOXO-ash

P.S: I got the Kimono on Amazon!

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