Hello my loves! Tonight I got dressed up, had intentions of going to dinner with Teddy to celebrate New Years and then we both decided to go to the store instead, get a ton of really bad food and stay in watching movies the rest of the night. I know, I know, wild.

It has been so much fun though! We love hanging out with each other and it doesn’t really matter what we are doing in order to enjoy time together. You would think after 10 years that would change but luckily, it’s only gotten stronger.

So we have stayed in, at way past capacity and are about to watch “Age of Adaline.”

I hope you all have had a great night so far and stay safe tonight!

Happy New Years, friends! Let’s make it the best year yet.



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Cheers to an amazing 2017! May it be one of growth, style and wanderlust.



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