on my mindfulness jam

Right here, at this very moment I feel so connected, so raw and so real. There is no better feeling than finally grasping mindfulness and how to direct your thoughts into positivity.I am sitting in a beautiful coffee shop that I have never explored yet, in the neighborhood we will be moving into next month. Everything just feels so, right. We started looking at apartments and said to each other, “If it is meant to be, then it will” and now everything seems to be guiding us in what we believe to be the truest direction to ‘us’.

Some changes that I have been making that have collectively been making a large impact on my day to day life have been: yoga daily, meditation daily, recognizing my thoughts as they come and realizing what they stem from, reading and being more mindful in my conversations.  I’m not just saying these things either. I’m talking real shit, exactly what has been making an impact on my life. My anxiety has subsided, my conversations are more authentic, I am looking inward instead of outward for my creativity and I am feeling such an amazing flow of positive energy. It has made my marriage stronger, my friendships more real and my inner most thoughts kinder on myself. Let’s break it down.

  • what I’m reading: This whole journey into self-awareness/mindfulness/meditation really started for me when a friend suggested reading “Ask and It Is Given”. I have talked about it before on here but it really awoke an inner desire to be more spiritual for ME not for any other reason. After getting introduced (still working through that book) I started reading “The Universe Has Your Back” for a book club that we started at Lululemon and I loved it. In my opinion it offered practical application to breathing techniques, thought awareness and meditation. I recognize that most anxiety stems back to my fears and I am more aware of the thoughts that are going through my brain as well as how to channel them into positivity. Let’s talk examples.
    • A few days ago I went to a yoga class that was a bit different from the normal class that I am used to. The teacher had us turn our mats a different direction, she had a strange way of flowing through poses and she offered a different way of breathing. Before, I would have thought, “This is weird. Why did I come to this one? What is she doing, etc.” I caught the beginning of these thoughts coming in and redirected them to, “Have an open mind Ash. Breath in love, breathe out fear. Have fun with this and see what happens. Trust that you are supposed to be here.” Well, turns out, this was one of my favorite classes. I was smiling, I actually enjoyed the weird breathing and I left feeling lighter, happier and more centered than I was before the class.
    • This can apply in so many different ways. In talks with Teddy I have found myself being more present and aware of what I am saying and how he is communicating as well. We had a huge breakthrough on a conversation that is usually a trigger and we were able to talk everything out without me getting defensive or him shutting down. Practicing mindfulness and getting on my mat every day to meditate has dramatically changed things for the better. If you struggle with anxiety, I suggest opening your mind to these books and this journey.


  • yoga daily/meditation daily: Committing to yoga daily has 100% calmed my innermost thoughts. I am a naturally introspective person and I spend a lot of time combing over my life in my head. Having an hour a day where I breathe a little deeper, calm my body and my mind has allowed me to let go easier. I will get to yoga a bit early to take time to meditate. I sit with my legs crossed and my palms up and repeat in my head along with my breath, “breathe in love, breathe out fear”. As I do so, I find myself recognizing what parts of my day allowed me to feel love and what parts of my day I was responding out of fear. Then I breathe a little deeper and say to myself, “let it go”. By doing this I take note of what I am holding onto that is unnecessary and may be interfering with allowing positive energy to my day. Then I am able to move on and through my practice and my day feeling lighter and happier.
    • I started to realized as well that instead of going through Instagram or anywhere else for inspiration, I am able to trust myself instead. By paying better attention to your inner-most thoughts you can be guided toward what is actually authentic to you. I know where I am going. For the first time in well, ever, I am able to trust that things will work out. The Law of Attraction. I know that if I do what is authentic to me that I will end up exactly where I should be.


  • plant-based diet: I have been eating completely plant-based for about a month and a half now and honestly feel incredible. I know this isn’t for everyone and that being ‘vegan’ is such a trendy sounding thing but I truly started listening to my body and this is what is working for me. I over-did eating chicken and every other type of meat protein when I was really into fitness and over time I started to feel like I was forcing it. Over the last few months I was noticing that I didn’t even want it at all. The only things that I really had to ‘cut out’ of my diet was greek yogurt, cheese and egg whites. Everything else were either extremely easy swaps or they were not a part of my diet already. For me personally I feel like I have more energy, am having more fun with cooking and I know that I am making a small but significant (per say) impact on the environment. I don’t have any cravings for things that wouldn’t fall into the plant-based realm of eating and that is a good sign to me that this is what my body was asking for.

Being more authentic is going to be the name of my game from here on out. I never really understood what that meant before. I was always like, “okay, right, be yourself, be authentic; but wtf does that mean if I can’t figure out what to do with my life, etc.” Now I understand that I need to trust myself and my inner compass. I know that I am being guided in the right direction and that I need to learn to trust that who I am is enough. I am enough. I am going to be writing about whatever feels right, posting what feels right and trusting that you as readers will come with me on this journey of mindfulness, authenticity and living the life that I am meant to live.

That’s all (and a lot) for today.

See yah later, internet friends.