I sat down today with full intention to bring you a kick-ass blog post. And with that intention came, “okay, what am I going to write about today?” *Cue the overthinking process*

I knew I wanted to write and that I haven’t posted in a while which I dislike doing a lot. With those thoughts brought pressure to think of a cool topic or find some great inspiration for what to put into this space. This space that I created as an outlet of my creativity and thoughts, not others creativity and thoughts. Yet, there I found myself searching on Pinterest “lifestyle blog ideas” so that I could pick one and go with it. Not a bad idea, except I sat here feeling like I was forcing something for no reason. To write¬†about topics that were on a list that wasn’t something I could find within myself is not why I wanted to start this blog.

So, I decided to talk about this. This feeling of having to be more, be better or be a picture perfect version of myself. It doesn’t do any good. It doesn’t make me feel inspired to write about things that were not from within me. I know that I have so much inspiration and creativity within myself but I was feeling a bit stuck lately- so I wanted to share that.

Being vulnerable only makes us express our truest selves, authentically. And if I am feeling a bit behind; I want to share that with you! Because that is where I am at right now. It will not always be this way, in fact, just writing this is making me feel more joyful and connected with my true purpose.

The funny thing is, I am extremely happy. I am so in touch with who I am and where I am going. I feel grounded, loved and connected. I just haven’t bridged that gap to this space I suppose!

I promise to keep it real. I believe that if we stay authentic we can change, move and create so many different/amazing things in our lifetime.

In other words, if you feel like you are lacking or maybe don’t have this whole blogging world down as well as the next person, just keep moving. Listen to your intuition and write or post about what you want to post about.

There are so many amazing badass people out there doing their thing to the fullest. Don’t feel less about your abilities if they are rocking it. Find your own way to rock it and follow your intuition. Create, write, take pictures that make you feel joyful. The creative process is not one size fits all. It’s not the same for everyone. Trust yourself- you have something beautiful to offer.

On Wednesday I can’t wait to tell you about the books I’ve finished this week!

You are enough. Happy Monday, beauties.



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