Over halfway

It’s hard to believe we are over the halfway point of this little dude growing! It seems like just yesterday that I was taking a test, not expecting it to be positive after being disappointed by all the negatives for months, only to be completely shocked in the best way possible.

Since that day there have been plenty of ups and downs in this journey of pregnancy. Lately, it’s all highs and not many lows! I started getting nauseous all day every day from about the 6 week mark until 16 weeks which made every day feel so long. I also get very bad migraines without being pregnant and with the little man in there, they have only gotten more intense. All of that to say, I still feel very fortunate to have only dealt with those symptoms for the first half of this journey and not the more extreme symptoms possible.

Now that we are over halfway, I feel amazing. My energy is back (for now), I feel more like myself, and I love having a bump! It has made being creative with my outfits very tough, of course. But I don’t mind because we only have about 18 weeks left of this and then I will get to dress up our little guy to match daddy all the time and make my heart explode.

We have our carseat and crib so far and a few outfits + blankies that we got for Christmas! I would love nothing more than to design a nursery in all the boho/mid-century modern glory it deserves but we don’t have an extra room right now. We love our apartment far too much to get out of our lease and move. Once he is a little bit bigger we will have to look for something with more bedrooms but for now, the crib lives next to our bed and we’ve cleared out our dresser to give him all the space. (In the picture it was in the living room but now it’s by our bed!)

We have been nesting pretty hardcore lately. Or should I say, Teddy has been nesting pretty hardcore lately. I think it’s so cute but last weekend we needed to get a bookshelf & kitchen table “because the baby is coming soon.” ???? (LOL). I’m sure the baby will be very concerned about the status of our books and table but regardless, I’m glad we are getting the house together so it’s less we have to think about in a few months.

This process of becoming a family has brought Teddy and I even closer in so many ways. He loves this baby so much already and is constantly stopping me as I walk by him in the house to kiss my belly. I cannot wait to watch him be a dad. I think it’s what I am the most excited about. Having loved this amazing man for almost 12 years, this is a whole new level of love that I know is going to come and I don’t even know how it’s possible. He is the most patient + kind soul I have ever met and our little guy is so lucky to have him as his dad.

We can’t wait for this little guy to give us all the joy, sleepless nights, blended days & nights and love possible in a few months.

At about 17 weeks I was able to start practicing yoga again and feel so great doing it! I’m still getting used to this changed body and feel of centered a lot of the time but other than that it has been cool to see that yoga is like riding a bike, your body easily remembers what it’s doing and get’s back in the swing of things!

As for this space, I am excited to start blogging more intentionally again. I want to share this journey with you all as well as share more yoga + mindfulness pieces with you. The last few months have been about adjusting to a new job and pregnancy (and shamelessly going to bed at 8pm every night), but now I am ready to start jumping back in here. I hope you’re excited to follow along!



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