Reflecting on 24

Tomorrow I turn 25 and I feel this immense sense of excitement for what this year means to me. In the past, I set so many benchmarks for life: where do I want to be by then, what do I want to be, what makes me look successful to society, etc. This year, I feel this huge shift taking place and it’s really, really badass. I am finally letting go of what I think I have to be in order to fit in and stepping into my truest version of me. I am grounding deeper into meditation, self-love and finally finding my style. Teddy and I have had many talks about wanting to see more of the world, experience more and live out what we have always wanted before we start a family. HUGE. If you know me then you know that I have always rushed into the next thing on the list and kids have been that next ‘step,’ I suppose, for us. We are listening to what our hearts want right now and are so excited for the adventures ahead of us this year. I cannot wait to have a family but I am proud of myself for staying true to what we really want right now and not just jumping because it’s the next step.

This is only going to set me up to keep discovering who I truly am, what my purpose in life is and what I can offer to this world. I am really happy. REALLY happy to be turning 25. I’m not resentful of 24 and not dreading turning a year older. I just am; genuinely happy. What I am going to be very intentional about this year is not rushing, not needing things to feel joy but embracing the power of now/the power of today instead. This takes such conscious effort but I know if I am diligent about it will continue to bring me so much bliss.

I am excited for the stir that I have in my heart to continue to create and cultivate. I know I can do more and I am open/willing to explore my true purpose.  I genuinely feel like this year is going to be my biggest journey of self discovery. I cannot wait to travel, have 3 new babies join our family, grow stronger in my spiritual self and strengthen our marriage this year. I am going to work on consistency this year in meditation, health, intentionally going out of the way to strengthen my relationships, blogging, working out and saving money.

As for 24, I am proud of this year. It brought a TON of awakenings. It brought love, bliss, courage, tough choices, vulnerability, sadness, anxiety, strength and also a shit-ton of laughter. 24 was the age I finally married my best friend in the universe. It was the age that I stepped away from a business I was no longer passionate about. It was the year that I learned how to set boundaries. 24 was the year that I learned that therapy can be insanely transformative. It was the year that we celebrated my sister-in-law’s wedding, found out I was going to be an aunt again X3, moved to a new state and learned a lot about myself. I felt immense sadness to move away from my Texas family (whom are the greatest friends and support system I’ve ever had). Moving caused me to feel alone, lost and confused which I didn’t expect considering we have moved so many times. This time we were leaving a village. I learned how to lean on my husband when things get hard, to know that things will feel joyful again, to just keep moving and trust that a breakthrough is around the corner. I got clear on the vision I have for my life, what I want and what I do not. I have practiced keeping boundaries in friendships and that it is okay to say no. I have stepped away from fear and into a path that I feel is authentic to my soul. So, 24 was transformative. It has not always been pleasant but it sure was a turning point. 

Bring it on 25, I’m ready for you.





Jacket & Jeans: Nordstrom

Scarf: Free People

Belt: Urban Outfitters

Glasses: Eye Roc store in CWE (St. Louis)


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