rehearsal dinner

Teddy and I had most of our guests coming from out of state and the drive to the venue was about 40 minutes so we decided not to have a formal rehearsal the night before our wedding. We opted instead for a relaxing night at a cute little bar  (Zelicks) with an outdoor patio and had our favorite pizza brought in (Pie Society). It was absolutely perfect and so laid back which is exactly what we wanted! We started with our wedding party and family for the first hour and then later on anyone that wanted to join came over as well. I was nervous about having so many people at the rehearsal but it was great to get the catching up done the night before so the wedding day was more relaxing. I do slightly regret not having a formal walk-through because I think it would’ve made things a bit smoother the next day but it still worked out fine either way! We did talk through everything to clarify a few things of course.

The power went out right before the start so it was a bit warm but we had fun and powered through!



Thank you to our friends and family for making this day so fun!





White Dress: Forever 21

Sandals: Target

Teddy’s watch: Fossil

Rehearsal Location: Zelicks (San Marcos, TX)

Food: Pie Society (San Marcos, TX)

Extensions: Tape In Extensions

Lashes: Lilly Lashes