Relationship to promise

Relationship to promise. What does that even mean?

I was recently asked what my relationship to promise was and at first I wasn’t sure what that meant.

Then, through the conversation it became more and more clear. What is your relationship to making promises, keeping promises and holding others accountable to their word?

Mine? Kind of all over the place lately. In regard to posting regularly, doing book club, getting tedious check-lists complete, etc. things have felt off. I haven’t been keeping the promises to myself, really. That is where everything slides down from. The big ones? Relationship, marriage, family, work- those have been solid. It’s more the little things that I actually do for me and for others that I feel I haven’t been holding the correct space for.

We can turn this around at any time. When we feel we haven’t been keeping our word, it’s time to be diligent about changing that. Readjust + realign. What needs to shift in order to feel like you can commit to fully to the things you are committing to?

For me, it all starts with saying ‘no’ a bit more often. The things I tend not to follow through on are things that I shouldn’t have said yes to in the first place. Or it’s time to make them a priority and schedule a new routine to make sure you don’t let little things fall through the cracks.

The other part of the relationship to promise is being someone who holds the space for others to stay true to themselves and their word, with grace. This one is an art that does not mean manipulation, by any means. It means to really be there for people and check in on what they need and how they are showing up for themselves.

What would happen if we all strengthened our relationship to promise? We would strengthen our relationship to self & abundance.

Bring on the abundance, this girl is reprioritizing.