ripped vintage tee

If you’re anything like me, you may get inspired by Kendall Jenner’s vintage wardrobe. I love how lately she has been wearing these crazy ripped oversized tee shirts with a cute bralette underneath so I decided to try to re-create this pretty out there look.  Teddy and I set out in hunt for some antiques one day and I stumbled upon an oversized old Harley Davidson shirt. I figured for $5 you can’t go wrong. If you completely do a hack job and it looks God-awful, you didn’t lose much! Now, I’m no super famous model BUT I was pretty happy with how the look came together!




What you’ll need:

An old large tee.


Really kick-ass music playing in the background & maybe a candle to make you happy.

That is all.

img_7620 img_7622 img_7624 img_7625

So, I started by figuring out where I wanted the majority of the opening to be and created a little crease. After that I started to make a small cut just below the neckline and then went straight down the middle.

img_7629 img_7630 img_7636 img_7642

After the middle cut was done I moved to the sides and cut along the neck line for as far as I wanted the shirt to be open wide. I cut both and then adjusted from there.


After both sides were cut I folded the extra little flaps over and cut them off.

img_7664 img_7671 img_7675

Then I added small holes to the sleeves and to where I thought it would make it look a little more distressed. All done!




img_7742 img_7754  img_7787



img_7807 img_7804


Bralette- Windsor Store

Shoes- Urban Outfitters

Pants- Lululemon


Hope you enjoyed this little re-creation! I love doing fun stuff like this with outfits. Love you all, thanks for stopping by.


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