I sit here on my new mattress, new bed frame and bedding with a fresh caramel latte candle burning along side of me and I realize how beautiful this life is lately. We had to replace our bed because we found some mold on the frame and secretly I am so happy we found it. I love the newness of fresh sheets, fresh blankets and a change in environment. But this post is not about me getting a new bed because frankly, who cares. It is about the transitioning of self + seasons.

Seasons in the context of the weather changing is something that I never knew was something so important to me until we moved to warm climates that do not experience seasons the way the north does. Being a Wisconsin girl has apparently made it incredibly important to me now to have seasons be a part of our environment.

There is something about the feeling of starting anew that takes place at the end of summer and beginning of fall, with the crisp air and changing leaves; it brings a sense of grounded coziness to life. This fall I am excited for fresh starts, a change in hair style, beautiful Wisconsin weddings and really taking care of myself mentally + physically.

There is something that happens to us when seasons start to change. There is an excitement, a longing for change and an embrace an old friend as you remember what the crisp air feels like on your cheeks.

Seasons in the context of your inner well-being and how life ebbs + flows, usually coincides with the changing of the weather- for me. But some times it is just how life is going, completely unattached to the actual seasons occurring in nature. Lately my creativity has taken the back burner to work and travel to see family and I haven’t felt fully myself. I know though that life is a practice of riding the waves. It’s about learning to love the black + white areas of your life as well as the grey. However, there is a way to reconnect to the waves you would rather be riding and it all comes down to routine.

With fall just around the corner I have began to change things up a tiny bit- in hopes of finding new inspiration in the coming change in weather, and it seems to be working.

I’ve been lighting more candles, listening to more soulful music and taking the time to focus on my own work instead of stretching myself too thin helping everyone around me. Helping other people with their projects highly excites me so I need to make sure I make time to work on my own, hence the writing absence that hopefully will not be happening again for a while.

It is okay to allow yourself the space to embrace each season of life as they come and go. Do no force yourself to do things that are not in your present awareness, just lean in to the changes that are happening within you and around you.

As for me, I am vowing this season to be one of creativity. I feel so inspired right now and ready to really make content that keeps me going, and I hope you come along through the seasons with me.

So, here is to re-commiting. To this space, to book club, to content creation and writing every week. More posts + more style. Here is to fall.