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There are so many small moments to show the one you love that you care. Whether it is simply telling them how much you love them or getting them a gift to show how much you appreciate them, there are so many ways to be there for the one you love. With Valentine’s Day approaching, everyone is talking about love. And I am all about it.

For me, my love has changed my life. My love is my life. My love weaves through each and every moment.

I have loved Teddy so deeply for what feels like my entire life.

Pouring love from your heart is a powerful force.

Being there for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. can be done in so many different ways.

When I am feeling anxious, Teddy listens. He wraps his arms around me and just listens to what is going through my brain at the moment.

When I am feeling inspired, he lifts me up. He encourages me, understands and shows me that he believes in me.

He is my biggest supporter and that means more to me than anything money could buy.

When he talks to me about his research, I listen (even if I don’t get it).

When he is making a decision on what direction to go in, I give him advice that lifts him up.

We take time for each other every single day, no matter our schedules.

We put each other first and we choose to talk through things instead of staying upset.

We have spent Valentine’s Day at fancy dinners, staying in and watching Netflix, buying each other nice gifts or simply spending time together instead.

Back in the day when we didn’t have any money I wrote 52 things I love about him on a deck of cards. He still uses one of them to this day as a bookmark.

You don’t need fancy gifts to feel loved this Valentine’s Day, there are so many ways to show how much you love someone (a bouquet of flowers goes a long way)!

If you are looking for some ideas for gifts I made a gift guide for the man or woman in your life!

No matter how you celebrate, get creative with the ways that you show how much you care every single day.

Or boycot Valentine’s day altogether, you do you!


For the ladies:

For the dudes:


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