skirts & puppies

If you have ever been to San Marcos, TX then you know they are all about the river here. We love going to the park and letting Elzi run after squirrels and meet other dogs! We often find a little spot away from other people and let her swim because she gets nervous easily if there is any type of current, is anyone else’s dog like this?! She is very strange but we love her so. On this day we spent time down by the river and then snapped some shots with our big hound. I went through a skirt phase not too long ago and I brought it back just with a bit of a boho twist and loved it! I found that wearing a bodysuit type of top under a skirt like this is really easy and a good combo.13490723_10157150467395473_3986659360531903793_oIMG_8570


Skirt: H&M

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Hat: Centerpointe station boutique

Shoes: Aldo

Teddy’s watch: Fossil