the wandering wishlist: anthropologie

Girls, please tell me I’m not the only one that loves to browse either a store in person or online for a little bit of retail therapy, even if you have no intention of buying anything?! I will often walk past a store in the mall with Teddy and say, “let’s go in, just to look” and walk aimlessly around finding beautiful pieces and excitedly sharing them with him. We love spending time just browsing things that we know are out of our budget but we act like we have really cool, expensive taste regardless.

Does anyone else do that?

We get so much inspiration just from those slow moments of finding things that we both love and talking about how our dream home would look or if the sky was the limit what types of things we would love to hunt for. We often will take that inspiration and head off to thrift stores and find amazingly similar pieces for cheaper but it all starts with the fun of wandering around thinking of what would be invigorating to get.

Heck, I’m not even sure that if we had the budget we would spend it on this stuff but it sure is a blast to hop around stores finding all sorts of magical pieces and then laughing together when you see the price tag!

Starting now, every Wednesday I will pick a different brand to wander around and share with you all the things that I personally liked, regardless of the price, just as a fun little way to get the shopping bug out of my system and save my budget. I didn’t buy these things but if you love them and get them please tag me in a picture so I can share your excitement!

I thought that other people may get the same enjoyment out of the ‘wishlist wander’ that I frequent for a little bit of therapy and so as I aimlessly scrolled through Anthropologie I thought I would share all the things that I thought “huh, that’s adorable.” This is obviously not extensive, just a few things that really caught my eye and I know I would run my hand over in a daze if I were walking around the store.

Some things are really expensive and some not so much. I don’t personally have any of these things but I love love LOVE walking around in Anthropologie and finding cute little (or big) inspiration. I like to either get a few little things each time I go or save up for a bigger piece but either way, I’m a big fan.

So, let’s get into it.

  • As you will see below I picked a variety of great velvet couches with the button detail in the back and amazing red turkish-inspired rugs. I would love to pair the two someday when we are in a large enough place to really make the room pop.
  • There are a selection of random books/journals because each and every time I end up in the store I browse that section for great little coffee table books or cookbooks to add to a non-existent collection right now that I wish I had ;).
  • I am obsessed with vintage-looking mirrors and definitely want to make a kick-ass vanity with a large mirror as the focus for a hair & makeup set-up. Right now I sit on the floor, so glam.
  • Any dishes actually I would love to add to a collection that my amazing husband gifted me since he knew how obsessed I am with mismatched, weird and random dishes.


  • I love a good fluffy chair and weird animal coffee mug for the most obvious reason: waking up slow in the AM= my life, everyday.


  • I added an incredible looking vintage chandelier because what girl doesn’t want a super chic looking light fixture someday. Well, maybe not you but this girl can dream, right?


  • Would a home even be complete without marble & copper? I could have added so many of those pieces but you get the point, maybe? I love them. All of them.


So, I hope you loved wandering around Anthropologie with me tonight to scratch my shopping itch and you’ll stop in next week Wednesday for another rendition of my ‘wandering wishlist.’ (Be sure to hit the side arrow near the items to see the entire list.)

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