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Happy Sunday, my loves!

I love Sundays. Is anyone else with me on that? I love the slowness, the time to unwind and recharge before another busy week and the aura that Sunday always carries. Today we are going to be getting caught up on work (and blogs, yay!) shooting some new outfits and most likely reading, a lot. I am still slowly making my way through “Ask and It Is Given,” and loving the practice of waking up or winding down with that in hand. It is a good reminder to connect with my true self and true intentions for life every single day.

I have been working on staying in my own lane lately and not comparing myself to others and it really has been making a big difference in how I feel. It is time that we embrace our insecurities and the things that make us feel inadequate and we step into the life we were meant to live.

There are so many things that I want to improve upon in my little slice of the internet on this blog but I have to have patience and know that it will come. I think when we are in our twenties it becomes this massive over-thought out plan for where we have to be at certain times in our lives.  I was out to dinner last night with a friend and we talked about this notion that it’s all supposed to be picture perfect and in place already. In reality, we are all still trying to figure it out and it will take time to get through the things holding us back from embracing our true purpose. Be patient with yourself, love (speaking to you and to myself)!

Moving on to this sweater. I am in love with it! I found it from a shop called Shop Jessa Kae and it comes in a few different colors. The shop is owned by a fellow blogger and they have so many cute options in there; you should really check them out! I am planning a cute Valentine’s Day shoot and you may see what I am thinking of doing if you stop on over to that page.

They gave me a code to share with you all for money off: ashleylentz5

I hope you all have a spectacular Sunday,



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