the wandering wishlist: asos sale

Hello my loves!

Happy Wednesday! This week I decided to do a little gathering of items from the sale that is having right now. I am a huge asos lover and will spend many nights scrolling through their site looking for cool pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe.

My favorite part about them is that there are so many options and a wide variety of price ranges. You can find more ‘high-end’ options or extremely affordable staples in the same place. Right now they are having a sale up to 70% off so I thought I would put together just a few of the things that stuck out to me! These are all things that I thought were cute and would definitely wear.

I will most likely do a more thorough post about asos at some point because there is SO MUCH good stuff but for now I wanted to give some options from the sale!

Have a great night!



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