the wandering wishlist: sweaters

Happy Wednesday (night)!

Christmas is quickly approaching and as the temperatures drop all I can think about is getting cozy and warm. I love putting on a large sweater and cuddling Teddy with a glass of wine in hand. I also have been pairing up a lot of shorter sweaters with high waisted pants to go out and about!

As you may know, each Wednesday I do a ‘wandering wishlist’ which is essentially similar to if you were to go to a store, browse around and anything you may think is cute (regardless of price) you notice. This is my online version of walking around thinking “hey that’s adorable,” which may usually follow with a, “holy crap that’s out of my budget.”

Regardless of price I compiled all the sweaters that I thought were something I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe with this cold weather creeping in! (I do not own any of these).

I just want to throw it out there as well that I have found great sweaters lately at thrift stores for $5-$10 if you are on a budget but still want to be cozy and cute!

We just made it to our first stop of the week for visiting family and I am loving the opportunity to chase my nearly two year old nephew around and give him all the kisses I can muster. I hope you are all enjoying time with those you love the most this weekend and have a safe + merry Christmas!

Remember there is an arrow to view more options so don’t miss the second page of sweaters!


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