We Are Having A Baby!

 We are over the moon to announce that we will become a family of 3 (plus Z) in June! This news has been the greatest gift to us.

It’s been so hard not to share! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind. We found out about the baby 3 days after finding out about my new job. Talk about a lot of life changes all at once but it’s all great changes so we are so happy.

We found a really great place to have the baby too. It’s a birth center at a hospital so we will be delivering with a midwife.  I have been feeling pretty good other than the constant hung over feeling that comes with the first trimester (ha). I have been getting some pretty severe migraines but the surge of hormones is likely contributing to that.

I have been craving mostly salty things with the exception of grapes. I think it’s the most random thing but I’ve made Teddy go to the store on multiple occasions just for grapes!

I started showing very early. My jeans don’t fit and I’m down to one pair that I can squeeze into. If anyone has any (cute, boho, actually normal) maternity suggestions- let me know in the comments below! Or tag me in the shops on IG.

We are so happy to finally share this news. June 21st can’t come fast enough. <3

Photos by Nicole Streeter Photography