wedding day// part three

I thought today would be the PERFECT day to finish up this little series about our wedding. Why? Because it is Teddy and I’s TEN year anniversary of dating today! Holy smokes. This one is a milestone! I am so excited to put together a full post on this day filled with pictures of tiny Ashley and Teddy but for today I thought I would finish up recapping our most love-filled day.

All of these pictures, just like with the other 2 posts, were taken by our amazing photographer Sam Hugh. He is a photographer in the Austin, TX area and I highly (HIGHLY) recommend!

Our venue was Vista West Ranch in Dripping Springs, TX and had the most perfect boho/rustic vibe. Especially for the reception which was filled with dancing, speeches, donuts and S’mores!

A few things you’ll notice while browsing the pictures below:

We had Urban Cowboy cater our food.  It was buffet style and included a Queso bar for the guests to enjoy during cocktail hour (yum).

One thing that was so amazing that I would suggest to anyone would be to eat dinner away from the guests before everyone else. Our coordinator set us a whole dinner tucked away to enjoy in the 15 minutes between the ceremony and the reception and it was amazing. We actually got to eat our food that we picked out and during dinner we had the time to walk around and talk to people. We even had time then to sneak outside for some pictures just the two of us while everyone was enjoying their meal!

For desert we had Voodoo Doughnuts catered in! I have to say, the Austin store had terrible customer service  (manager was incredibly rude) and when Teddy went to pick them up on the day of the wedding they said they forgot to put in our order. Other than a few set backs, they tasted incredible and they were a huge hit with the guests! And, they were a much cheaper option than cake.

Instead of having a guest book, we hung each persons name on a thread across a huge picture frame. We then told people to take their picture with the polaroid camera (found it at Best Buy) and had them hang their picture up! So now we have the huge frame hanging in our home with all of the people that attended our special day making our home fun and instead of just having someone’s name written down we have these amazing memories to look back on! And the guests LOVED it and had a lot of fun with it!

We had HEB (grocery store) do all of our flowers and greenery and I loved how they turned out (for cheap)! We had all of our plates, glasses, napkins and candlesticks catered in by Loot Vintage, and we loved the way they looked. None of the plates matched and the antique looking goblets completed the table just the way we imagined it!

As far as the table menu’s and the name tags, my sister made them all! It helps to have an amazingly talented creative as your maid of honor when planning a wedding!

We made all of our decorations. We pulled apart pallets and painted them with blackboard paint for ‘Our Love Story’ sign, found vintage frames at thrift stores, made candles out of tea cups, and made dream catchers. Very crafty of us;).

Our guests also had the option of having S’mores at the end of the night as a little late night snack while the bonfire set the calm mood that we loved! The boys even had a cigar.

Our day was incredible and I wouldn’t change a thing. We hope you enjoy it just as much <3

ashleyandteddy-0477   ashleyandteddy-0483ashleyandteddy-0482

ashleyandteddy-0487 ashleyandteddy-0488 ashleyandteddy-0490
ashleyandteddy-0492 ashleyandteddy-0497






ashleyandteddy-0559ashleyandteddy-0570ashleyandteddy-0578 ashleyandteddy-0579

ashleyandteddy-0580 ashleyandteddy-0583 ashleyandteddy-0582

ashleyandteddy-0602 ashleyandteddy-0608

ashleyandteddy-0607 ashleyandteddy-0606 ashleyandteddy-0605

ashleyandteddy-0622ashleyandteddy-0630ashleyandteddy-0625ashleyandteddy-0642 ashleyandteddy-0656 ashleyandteddy-0654 ashleyandteddy-0653 ashleyandteddy-0652 ashleyandteddy-0651 ashleyandteddy-0650 ashleyandteddy-0649 ashleyandteddy-0648  ashleyandteddy-0646 ashleyandteddy-0644 ashleyandteddy-0643


ashleyandteddy-0689ashleyandteddy-0678 ashleyandteddy-0688 ashleyandteddy-0686 ashleyandteddy-0684 ashleyandteddy-0683 ashleyandteddy-0682 ashleyandteddy-0681 ashleyandteddy-0680 ashleyandteddy-0679

ashleyandteddy-0690 ashleyandteddy-0691

ashleyandteddy-0693 ashleyandteddy-0694 ashleyandteddy-0695 ashleyandteddy-0696 ashleyandteddy-0697 ashleyandteddy-0698 ashleyandteddy-0699 ashleyandteddy-0700 ashleyandteddy-0701 ashleyandteddy-0703

ashleyandteddy-0710 ashleyandteddy-0718 ashleyandteddy-0717 ashleyandteddy-0716 ashleyandteddy-0715 ashleyandteddy-0713



ashleyandteddy-0728ashleyandteddy-0760 ashleyandteddy-0759 ashleyandteddy-0757  ashleyandteddy-0755 ashleyandteddy-0754 ashleyandteddy-0751 ashleyandteddy-0748 ashleyandteddy-0747 ashleyandteddy-0746 ashleyandteddy-0745 ashleyandteddy-0744 ashleyandteddy-0740 ashleyandteddy-0737 ashleyandteddy-0735 ashleyandteddy-0733 ashleyandteddy-0732 ashleyandteddy-0729

ashleyandteddy-0772 ashleyandteddy-0773

ashleyandteddy-0794 ashleyandteddy-0798



ashleyandteddy-0829 ashleyandteddy-0831 ashleyandteddy-0830 ashleyandteddy-0834 ashleyandteddy-0833



ashleyandteddy-0864 ashleyandteddy-0866




ashleyandteddy-0910 ashleyandteddy-0915










ashleyandteddy-1049 ashleyandteddy-1048 ashleyandteddy-1045 ashleyandteddy-1043 ashleyandteddy-1041 ashleyandteddy-1040 ashleyandteddy-1039 ashleyandteddy-1038 ashleyandteddy-1037

ashleyandteddy-1065 ashleyandteddy-1064




ashleyandteddy-1094 ashleyandteddy-1095




ashleyandteddy-1128 ashleyandteddy-1127


ashleyandteddy-1135 ashleyandteddy-1138 ashleyandteddy-1137 ashleyandteddy-1139


Dress: BHLDN

Flower Crown: Emily Rose Flower Crown

Shoes:Aldo  (Bride),Johnston & Murphy  (Groom)

Groom Tie & Jacket: Asos

Groom Pants: H&M

Love you all!