wedding day// part two

Our wedding day was beyond our wildest dreams, it was our version of perfect. Here you will find out more about our ceremony, read our vows to each other and get all the little details. All pictures taken by our amazing photographer: Sam Hugh.


Once we were all done getting ready the girls and everyone went outside to start lining up. My dad and I stayed inside and we could watch through the windows and glass doors on the side! It was one of my favorite moments, and I’ll explain why after you check out how beautiful Vista West Ranch is.

AshleyandTeddy-0160 AshleyandTeddy-0161 AshleyandTeddy-0162 AshleyandTeddy-0163 AshleyandTeddy-0164

Our guests started to find their seats and the nerves heightened to the max. I remember my heart continuously fluttering and trying to take deep breaths but was filled with so much excitement. We only ended up having around 70 guests (our wedding was a destination for everyone but about 10 people) and honestly I wouldn’t change that for the world. Teddy and I are pretty calm people and don’t party often so we wanted an intimate/romantic feeling wedding. I was so thankful for the ability to talk to everyone and didn’t for a second feel overwhelmed.

AshleyandTeddy-0165 AshleyandTeddy-0170 AshleyandTeddy-0173 AshleyandTeddy-0171 AshleyandTeddy-0175 AshleyandTeddy-0174

My bridesmaid Brooke and I made all of the boutonnieres for the wedding and it saved a lot of money. I didn’t mind using artificial flowers for the smaller details and am happy that I have them now to save as a little piece of the day. If you want to see a how-to on making these little beauties, let me know!

AshleyandTeddy-0177 AshleyandTeddy-0181 AshleyandTeddy-0179 AshleyandTeddy-0185    AshleyandTeddy-0186  AshleyandTeddy-0188 AshleyandTeddy-0189

A little bit on our amazing officiant. Jonathan is one of Teddy and I’s great friends that we met while we were living in Texas. He has the kindest heart and his family means the world to us. I am so happy that he married us. Having someone that we knew and loved made the whole ceremony even more meaningful.

AshleyandTeddy-0193 AshleyandTeddy-0192

I’m so thankful and blessed to have had my grandparents be able to watch us get married. My grandma in heaven was watching a smiling down on us as well. We love them all so much. AshleyandTeddy-0195 AshleyandTeddy-0196

Teddy’s grandma was escorted down by our friend Austin since his grandpa was unable to make it. His other grandparents went to the hospital the night before flying out for the wedding so it was so unfortunate that they were unable to make it but they were in our hearts all day long!

AshleyandTeddy-0200 AshleyandTeddy-0201

I’m so happy my little brother (not so little anymore) escorted down my mom. Mom’s dress is from Charlotte Russe.

AshleyandTeddy-0202 AshleyandTeddy-0204

One of my favorite pictures of Teddy with his mom.


Teddy’s step-mom Tammy with his dad trailing behind.


We decided to have the guys and girls come down separately since we had an uneven number of girls and guys. The guys snuck in from the side and I loved how it turned out, less pressure on them and they come over to have Teddy’s back <3

AshleyandTeddy-0222 AshleyandTeddy-0223AshleyandTeddy-0224

If you haven’t already read the getting ready portion of our wedding day where I describe where all the guys got their outfits from, check it out here.

AshleyandTeddy-0225AshleyandTeddy-0226AshleyandTeddy-0227 AshleyandTeddy-0228

My beautiful sister Nicole (MOH) got her dress from Charlotte Russe and her shoes from Target.

AshleyandTeddy-0229 AshleyandTeddy-0231

My sister-in-law Kasi got her dress from Free People and she looked stunning <3


My stunning friend Taylor found her dress from ASOS and I love the way it fits her!

AshleyandTeddy-0235  AshleyandTeddy-0236AshleyandTeddy-0237

My beautiful friend Brooke found her dress from Free People and her shoes are Lucky Brand. Fun fact, this dress was white but she wore it for a bridesmaid dress in a wedding that didn’t want white so she dyed it with tea bags. So resourceful, this one.

AshleyandTeddy-0238AshleyandTeddy-0239 AshleyandTeddy-0240

My gorgeous friend Tara found her dress from Francesca’s <3

AshleyandTeddy-0241 AshleyandTeddy-0242

My someday sister-in-law Tayler found her dress from Charlotte Russe as well and it’s stunning on her!

AshleyandTeddy-0244 AshleyandTeddy-0245

My beautiful friend Alisha found her dress from Marshalls (for under $15!) and it’s insanely beautiful.

AshleyandTeddy-0246 AshleyandTeddy-0249 AshleyandTeddy-0248 AshleyandTeddy-0247

Is it safe to say that these guys stole the show? They were literally ADORABLE. We knew they wouldn’t have any problems getting down the aisle since each had a parent at the end of it but we were blown away by how much they ate up the attention. I honestly do not know where most of their stuff is from because I told them to find blue shorts and suspenders and they showed up like this, completely killing the ring bearer game!

AshleyandTeddy-0250 AshleyandTeddy-0251

The girls were a bit more shy but equally as cute. Both of their dresses were from H&M, as well as their flower crowns. I added some little flowers to the hair pieces to make them more full.

AshleyandTeddy-0254 AshleyandTeddy-0255

And then, it was the moment we had been waiting for almost 10 years. The moment I walked down the aisle to marry my very best friend. As I sat behind the doors, I looked to my dad and was trying to talk to him in order to calm my nerves but he wouldn’t look at me or say anything. Then I noticed him wiping away his tears with his tie. He was crying so that’s why he couldn’t talk. It was such an amazingly special moment for me. I love him so.

When the music changed from Honey Trees- Moon River to Tori Kelly & Ed Sheeran- I Was Made For Loving You, I knew it was time. Then, my coordinator and DJ from the inside of the building opened the doors and we walked out. I was so emotional seeing my handsome groom tearing up. It was the best moment.

AshleyandTeddy-0259  AshleyandTeddy-0260AshleyandTeddy-0262 AshleyandTeddy-0263AshleyandTeddy-0264 AshleyandTeddy-0265AshleyandTeddy-0267 AshleyandTeddy-0268 AshleyandTeddy-0269AshleyandTeddy-0270

Then it was just us, or at least that’s how it felt. And my nerves went away and it was the perfect day. It was supposed to rain heavily on our wedding day and it only sprinkled in the morning. As soon as the ceremony began the sun came out and it was a mildly warm day, which for a Texas wedding was such a blessing.

AshleyandTeddy-0273 AshleyandTeddy-0274AshleyandTeddy-0275 AshleyandTeddy-0276AshleyandTeddy-0277 AshleyandTeddy-0278AshleyandTeddy-0279 AshleyandTeddy-0280AshleyandTeddy-0281 AshleyandTeddy-0282 AshleyandTeddy-0283

I love the way the bridesmaids dresses all came together! The wedding was the first time I saw them all in one place.

AshleyandTeddy-0284 AshleyandTeddy-0285 AshleyandTeddy-0286

Our officiant had asked each of the members of our wedding party to describe each of us in a word. It was such a cool and personal bit when he was listing off everything they said, it made us feel so loved.

AshleyandTeddy-0287 AshleyandTeddy-0288 AshleyandTeddy-0289 AshleyandTeddy-0290 AshleyandTeddy-0291 AshleyandTeddy-0292 AshleyandTeddy-0293 AshleyandTeddy-0294 AshleyandTeddy-0295 AshleyandTeddy-0296AshleyandTeddy-0297 AshleyandTeddy-0298AshleyandTeddy-0300

Teddy’s mom read a poem that she wrote for us and it was so meaningful to us to have her use her creativity in such a special way, we loved every second of it.

AshleyandTeddy-0301  AshleyandTeddy-0303 AshleyandTeddy-0304

This has become one of my favorite pictures because of the complete and total happiness that we can’t contain and Teddy’s brother smiling at us. He was 11 years old when we started dating so to see us finally become husband and wife is a happy day for him <3

AshleyandTeddy-0305 AshleyandTeddy-0306  AshleyandTeddy-0308 AshleyandTeddy-0309 AshleyandTeddy-0310 AshleyandTeddy-0311 AshleyandTeddy-0312 AshleyandTeddy-0313 AshleyandTeddy-0314 AshleyandTeddy-0315 AshleyandTeddy-0316  AshleyandTeddy-0318 AshleyandTeddy-0319 AshleyandTeddy-0320

My vows.

“As I stand here in front of you today, I am reminded of truly how lucky I am to be marrying my best friend.

We have shared countless memories & days together but yet it still feels like just yesterday you were asking me to freshman homecoming over MSN messenger.

Over the years our young love grew and grew and even then we knew that one day we would be standing up here, vowing to spend forever as each others best friends, soul mates & only true loves.

Teddy, you are my one & only. You are my rock, my logical mind, my best friend, my travel companion, my heart & my soul.

I don’t even remember life without you & I can’t wait to spend forever making memories, starting a family & enjoying life with you.

I vow to always be yours.

I vow to never stop loving you with everything I have.

I vow to always support you & cheer you on.

I vow to always see you through this lens as I am today.

I vow to love you without limits, for forever and a day.

I love you always.”

AshleyandTeddy-0321 AshleyandTeddy-0322 AshleyandTeddy-0323 AshleyandTeddy-0324 AshleyandTeddy-0325 AshleyandTeddy-0326 AshleyandTeddy-0327 AshleyandTeddy-0328 AshleyandTeddy-0329 AshleyandTeddy-0331 AshleyandTeddy-0332 AshleyandTeddy-0333 AshleyandTeddy-0334

His vows.

“I can’t believe we are finally here. I have waited for this moment since the first time you took my hand at our first dance in 2006.

I am biased in saying this but I think our relationship is truly something special.

Regardless of the challenges we have faced, we have always stayed a team and worked things out together.

I couldn’t ask for a better partner to be on this journey with.

Before I recite the vows I have written for you, I want to thank you for all the support you have always given me and all the love we share.

So on the biggest day of our lives, I vow to you:

To walk with you and not in front of you when we are at the airport, even if I am anxious about making our flight.

To listen, rather than give advice, even if I think my rationality makes more sense.

To always take you on dates so I can show off how beautiful you are and how lucky I am.

To always work to keep the spark we have alive, forever.

To always be your biggest fan, and support you no matter where this crazy life takes us.

To raise the greatest family with you, because I cannot wait to watch you mother our children.

To put you and our family first above all else, loving you with my full effort.

To always be your best friend.”

AshleyandTeddy-0335 AshleyandTeddy-0336AshleyandTeddy-0337 AshleyandTeddy-0338 AshleyandTeddy-0339 AshleyandTeddy-0340 AshleyandTeddy-0341 AshleyandTeddy-0342 AshleyandTeddy-0343 AshleyandTeddy-0344  AshleyandTeddy-0346 AshleyandTeddy-0347 AshleyandTeddy-0348 AshleyandTeddy-0349 AshleyandTeddy-0350 AshleyandTeddy-0351 AshleyandTeddy-0352 AshleyandTeddy-0353 AshleyandTeddy-0354 AshleyandTeddy-0355 AshleyandTeddy-0356 AshleyandTeddy-0357 AshleyandTeddy-0358 AshleyandTeddy-0359

When the time came get out the rings, we had a twist. Teddy has been wearing a wedding band that his mom had made for him when he was a boy, around his neck as a promise ring since high school. We promised that one day we would marry each other and he wore that ring around his neck since. For years he hasn’t taken it off, until this day, when he became my husband.

AshleyandTeddy-0360 AshleyandTeddy-0361 AshleyandTeddy-0362 AshleyandTeddy-0363 AshleyandTeddy-0364 AshleyandTeddy-0365 AshleyandTeddy-0366 AshleyandTeddy-0367 AshleyandTeddy-0368 AshleyandTeddy-0369 AshleyandTeddy-0370 AshleyandTeddy-0371

My aunt who is also my godmother did one last reading before the ceremony concluded. She started to cry and said “you guys started it!” which we all laughed at. She did a great job and we were so thankful for it.

AshleyandTeddy-0373  AshleyandTeddy-0375     AshleyandTeddy-0380 AshleyandTeddy-0381 AshleyandTeddy-0382  AshleyandTeddy-0384

AshleyandTeddy-0385 AshleyandTeddy-0386 AshleyandTeddy-0387 AshleyandTeddy-0388 AshleyandTeddy-0389 AshleyandTeddy-0393
AshleyandTeddy-0395 AshleyandTeddy-0396


AshleyandTeddy-0397 AshleyandTeddy-0398 AshleyandTeddy-0399

And then, we were official! Husband and wife. I love this man.

AshleyandTeddy-0400 AshleyandTeddy-0401 AshleyandTeddy-0402 AshleyandTeddy-0403 AshleyandTeddy-0404  AshleyandTeddy-0406 AshleyandTeddy-0407 AshleyandTeddy-0408 AshleyandTeddy-0409 AshleyandTeddy-0410 AshleyandTeddy-0412 AshleyandTeddy-0413 AshleyandTeddy-0414 AshleyandTeddy-0415 AshleyandTeddy-0416 AshleyandTeddy-0417 AshleyandTeddy-0418 AshleyandTeddy-0419 AshleyandTeddy-0420 AshleyandTeddy-0421

We all met inside and this was one of the greatest times of the day, we all hugged and cried and laughed.

AshleyandTeddy-0422 AshleyandTeddy-0423 AshleyandTeddy-0424 AshleyandTeddy-0425 AshleyandTeddy-0426 AshleyandTeddy-0427

My little brother couldn’t stop crying and I laughed so hard at it just because he was so adorable. I even had to lend him my hanky.

AshleyandTeddy-0428 AshleyandTeddy-0429 AshleyandTeddy-0430 AshleyandTeddy-0431 AshleyandTeddy-0432 AshleyandTeddy-0433 AshleyandTeddy-0434 AshleyandTeddy-0435 AshleyandTeddy-0436

And just like that, the ceremony was over. Stop back in to read all about the reception and the end of the day! Follow me on instagram to get the updates on when things are being posted or even follow my snapchat for little play-by-plays! (both are @ashleyrainne) I love you all!! Thank you for reading more about the best day of our lives <3

Wedding dress: BHLDN

Flower crown: Emily Rose Flower Crowns (Etsy shop)

Groom tie & jacket: ASOS

Groom pants: H&M

Groom’s shoes: Johnston & Murphy

Flowers: HEB, San Marcos TX

Venue: Vista West Ranch, Dripping Springs, TX



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