weekend outfit round up + wedding fun

What a weekend! We traveled home for a friends beautiful wedding and had such an amazing time. It was an incredible wedding at a berry farm in River Falls, WI. They have been together since 14 years old like Teddy and I, I love young love that lasts! They are the most selfless and caring couple and you could tell just by all the love around them for the day. People from all over all knew how amazing they are and they truly bring people together in such a special way. Congrats Zane and Tara! We love you.

I loved the striped slouchy pants that I traveled in on Friday, they are perfect for a road trip because the waist band is comfortable and they are super light weight. I linked them below, they are on sale! I linked all of my outfits from this weekend below, just click the picture and it will take you directly to the item.

It is so much fun to dress up and get together with amazing humans. I may have had a glass or two too many of wine but hey, it was a fun night. We really wish them all the best in their marriage, because it is the coolest adventure you can go on.

Teddy and I celebrated 11 years dating yesterday! I am so lucky to share so much life with my best friend. I literally couldn’t have asked for a greater husband and man to love. We will be doing another relationship Q & A this week so stay tuned for that!



Black and White Striped Pants



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