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Where the heck have I been? Gosh, it feels like it has been way too long since my fingers have ran their way along this keyboard. Well, that is because it actually has been over a week since my last post. If you read my last post then you are aware that I have been putting more focus on being mindful. I have felt so much more connected to my truest form of myself, truest to the deepest pieces of my soul and happier than I have been in a long time.

However, that does not mean that I want to lose touch with my connection to this space. I have set the intention to deepen my connection with you all at the same time that I deepen the connection with myself spiritually. I fully intend on taking you all along with me on this journey of self-discovery, authenticity and spirituality.

With that being said, I’m going to be shaking things up here at ashleyrainne.com. I have a strong vision of having a space that is inspiring, real, helpful, deep, beautiful and connected. I want to express my creativity at the strongest level of authenticity that I can possibly manifest. Right now, I feel I am only scratching the surface of what I am possible of doing and I have been oh so aware of that but not ready to change before. Now I am ready to split my own world open and allow myself to be guided toward my truest reflection of self and I cannot wait to see what becomes of it.

What to expect: 

Expect a little bit deeper of posts. You will still see outfit posts (since getting dressed in the morning is in itself an expression of creativity). Expect more variety. I will be opening up my scope of what I am going to be writing/taking pictures of and about. Expect raw, real and truthful writing. If you don’t enjoy anything deeper than surface level then you may not enjoy this space. We will be pushing harder on our photography, still incorporating video soon and hoping to bring more light to the internet.

I am wanting to create more of a space that when you visit you feel a bit more filled up. Writing is such a true reflection of our innermost thoughts and it is always beautiful. No matter what you write about, what your grammar is like or how experienced you may be; writing is whatever you make of it. I wish to write more so that is what I shall do.

Don’t ever be afraid to be a little bit more true to who you are. The world we can live in sometimes can feel so full of comparison, harshness and feeling like we are not enough. Do not be afraid to embrace your authenticity, for it is what makes you beautiful and what you can share with the world.

There is so much beauty in the world for those who chose to see it and that is what I have been making a conscious effort to do. I have been choosing to see the beauty all around me instead of the things that make me fearful, anxious or less than.

Breathe in love, breathe out fear.


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