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I was so excited to grab a few pieces from the Treasure & Bond X Something Navy Collaboration at Nordstrom that came and went before most people could get their hands on the pieces! That is the plus of STL I suppose, it’s big enough to have pieces from a collection like this but not too big that things fly. I also snagged my first pair of Good American Jeans  and I am beyond obsessed. I have never worn a more comfortable yet flattering jean in my life. I linked all of the items down below, just click on the picture to shop the exact piece!

I am sitting here with Teddy, about to wind down for the night since I have to be to work super early tomorrow morning and thought I would rattle off 10 random things happening right now that are on my mind so, here we go.

  1. I have been loving shooting more outfit stuff lately. I think I go in phases with what I want to create and my style is really growing with me, I hope you enjoy these posts!
  2. I started the show Riverdale and love it. It’s slightly cheesy but mostly great.
  3. I finish yoga teacher training next month already! So excited to be done and out in the world teaching cool peeps.
  4. I really want to plan a hiking trip and escape into the mountains soon. I crave the deep connection with nature.
  5. We really miss having couple friends, it’s so different here. Not in a bad way. Texas was just a different speed because all of our friends were married with babies.
  6. We are so ready to move to Colorado. T-minus 2 years.
  7. I’m cutting out alcohol for a while to get back to feeling healthy inside and out.
  8. Teddy and I laughed pretty hard taking these pictures with the naked statues in the background because apparently we are immature children.
  9. I cannot wait for this fall weather to stay around. I am highly obsessed with the brisk air!
  10. I want to start planning a trip to Ireland for our anniversary in May, #toosoon?

Have a good weekend! Let me know some random things going on in your lives at the moment in the comments!


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