You Create You

Every morning before meditating lately I have been picking an intention card out of a deck that my friend lended me. They each have their little intentions on the front and a brief elaboration on the back that takes the intention into deeper detail.

I have loved setting an intention for each day that is a little bit different than I would usually come up with on my own and Teddy has also been listening to me read it to him and from what I presume, going about his day with this intention in mind as well.

Today was, “I practice the Science of Deliberate Creation.” On the back it continued by explaining, “Giving thought to anything is creation; giving deliberate thought to anything is deliberate creation.”

I. Love. This.

This whole idea is centered around the fact that we can create our reality by choosing what we allow our thoughts to be and practicing intention in those thoughts toward creating what we want to see in our worlds.

So, I took this in and processed it this morning and then I went about my day. It was another busy day since this weekend is week 2 of Yoga Teacher Training. I immersed myself in my practice and I learned from one of my favorite teachers I have ever encountered. I let go of anything that would keep me from being present there in that training and just focused on what I could learn from the hours of study I got to partake in.

Then I came home and I was reminded of the intention that I set this morning. As I was reading a girl’s story about being “the quiet one” in the workplace and the leadership implications that she was facing from not being overly outgoing, she referenced a really cool quote that a friend had shared with her. It was, “if you don’t create you for others, others will create you for themselves.”

“If you don’t create you for others, others will create you for themselves.” 

Ah.. woah.

Did anyone feel that one?

Did that speak to you at all?

Think back to your life experiences so far. Have you ever been told that something you were doing “wasn’t you,” even though you know yourself better than anyone and know that the action you were taking was you trying your damnedest to take your power and be authentic to you?

Have you ever been mis interpreted because your personality doesn’t match up to someone else’s?

I have and it’s such a perplexing feeling. You feel your intuition, you feel what is best for you but when you try to stand in that truth- people want to tell you you’re wrong. As if their intuition of you is greater than your own.

That is why this quote is so powerful. It is about making sure that you create the YOU that you authentically feel you are. Don’t do things against your intuition or shrink down/puff up in any way to match someone else if it is not truest to you.

Take your power over your life and your self and create the you that you are. Don’t let others create who you are.

It reminds me of the concept of you living your life versus life happening to you. Own your authenticity. It is beautiful and inspiring even if others do not see it right away.

We talked a lot about this at training this weekend when we were discussing a book that we read about “Dharma.” We talked about staying true to your purpose here in life and how sometimes you may be really close to it, but slightly miss the mark.

This was big for me because I have felt so close to purpose at times but not it’s fullest expression. By declaring who I am and that I am on a path to continuously figuring it out I can allow myself the space I need to find my truest purpose in life.

I have the power of deliberate creation and I know that I am, along with the universe, creating a life full of joy and light. I hope that you continue to do the same and stand in your truth; no matter what people tell you that you are or are not. Do not let others create you.

You create you.



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