your essence

The essence of who you are, are you in touch with that?

What you need in your life to feel completely as though you are living your best life, do you know what that is?

I am so grateful to be working with a really amazing life coach right now who had me do an exercise to really figure out the essence of who Ashley is and how to continue to stay completely authentic to myself by using this essence as my guide through life.

She had me call up close friends and family and ask them, “What shows up when I do and what do I bring to a room?”

This wasn’t an easy thing for me to do with my friends because they have been with me through some of the most difficult times and I truly did not want to have to ask anything of them but their answers were beautiful and completely filled me up. Along with my family and everything that I got back, I feel so eternally grateful for my tribe.

From those answers she had me send exactly what each person said and she pulled out the most important recurring themes, as well as things that she has heard me say were important to me over and over. What she came up with were my essence words, or key things that were extremely important to me at the core of who I am.

My words are:







It is so cool that exactly how my family and friends were seeing me is how I want to show up in the world, and I did not even realize it. So many people saw me as calm and grounded as well as authentic and always true to myself and that has been true to my soul but not always how I’ve shown up in the world in the past.

This was such an amazing gift, having these words right in front of me because now I make decisions off of these core values of mine.

“Will this help me foster connection in my life?”

“Is this authentic to my true self?”

“Am I being fully present and aware if I do this?”

“Am I doing this from the heart? Am I living with my heart wide open?”

“How am I showing up as a leader? Is it true to my character?”

“How am I spreading more light into this world?”

Having these guiding lights in my life has given me a lot of clarity and thankfully I am now creating with less confusion regarding whether or not something fits into my vision. I know now to trust my intuition and to follow the essence of who I am.

If I continue to create from this place, I will continue to live a life full of joy. Not saying there will not be hard times but I believe the closer you live your life to the essence of who you are, the quicker your recovery rate will be from really tough times.

I know that connection, authenticity, presence, heart, bringing light to the world and being a leader brings me joy. So does warm coffee on a brisk morning sitting on a deck listening to the ‘morning acoustic’ channel outside beside my love. It all brings me joy and the more that I can stay connected to that authentic place of real pulsing joy + stay as true to the core of who I am, the better my life will be.

I know when I am not living in joy that I am likely out of alignment with one of these essence words. And then it is all about adjusting. Which is not easy. Knowing that you are not living your truest life and are not joyful at your core is a hard realization. Stepping away from whatever you are doing that is no longer authentic to your being is even harder. But in the end, creating from a place of complete and total oneness with who you are, that is magic.

I hope this gave you a bit of framework to find who it is that you really are and how to stay true to yourself.

Within this theme of creating from an authentic place- you may have noticed that we added a photography page to the site. Teddy and I are so excited to be offering photography and to continue to follow our intuition around all of our creative endeavors. We would love to work with you, send us an email at

Last thing, I promise, you may have also seen that I launched an Instagram account called @entirelyenough. I wanted a place based in empowerment from a place of vulnerability and have so many plans to create a place that people feel in touch with their souls and also understood, uplifted, empowered and inspired. I am in the works of building a website as well as a podcast so if you are someone who would like to be interviewed or be a writer for the site, email me at I am looking to create a site that becomes a resource for people to connect from that place of being vulnerable and finding out that who they are and what they have to offer the world is completely and entirely enough.

If you know of anyone who would be a good fit, also send me an email!

Okay, I think that’s enough for a Wednesday. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, my loves.

Until next time.